An Ode to Aaron Rodgers

A little background on the inspiration for this poem: I love the Green Bay Packers. I have since high school. I was a big fan of that other guy who used to play for them, and when he left I, like just about everyone else in the world, rallied around the New Hope-Aaron Rodgers. Not only was he wicked cute, he was talented. So talented that a lot of us were like- “He’s the BACKUP guy?!!?? Alright!!!”

So what do have so far….right-wicked cute, talented, seems to be pretty laid back and has a good sense of humor. Yup-I’m a big fan. So, take a big fan, add a little daydreaming, and then show me a picture of him every time I log out of Facebook? (via State Farm ad-I’m not that creepy!!) Viola! Inspiration for an Ode!! Now, don’t expect a Shakespearean sonnet here-this is me having fun… Enjoy!


An Ode to Aaron Rodgers


It’s Fall in Green Bay and one thing is the same

We’re all excited for the big game.


Wrapped in your coat on the sideline

Just for a moment I pretend you are mine.


The air is cold, but you are hot

You’re on my mind even if the game is not.


With every grunt and every pass

I try to avert my eyes from your…*cough*…


Leading a team based on cheese

The people- the owners- you aim to please.


Your smile, charm and talent have been noted-

It’s safe to say the nation is devoted.


Touchdown after touchdown-oh yes, you like to keep

Your receivers busy doing the Lambeau Leap.


Your arm is strong, your aim is true

Moving down the field so fast it’s as if you flew.


In the pocket you duck and weave, avoiding the sack

Running it in as you score one for the Pack.


We hope Green Bay wins, but if they run out of luck,

It’s OK-just remember that the Bears still suck.


Hey big guy, bad days and interceptions happen to the best,

Don’t worry, I’ll comfort you, just lay against my…*cough*…


Yes, my husband knows of my obsession

In fact, he has made the concession


That if he should happen to die

Aaron could be my back up guy.


Oh, Aaron, along side Jordy and Clay-forgive me if I may be so bold-

You all look damn fine suited up in the Green and Gold.


Yes, Aaron Rodgers, I am struck once again by your eyes of blue,

And after a few glasses of wine, my husband starts to look like you.



5 thoughts on “An Ode to Aaron Rodgers

  1. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I have to admit, I had no idea who this was so I did a little google search before I read the poem to get the full effect 😉 I was waiting for a line when you compared him to you husband because that was the first thing I noticed when i saw all of his photos. I did a side-by-side using your hubby’s facebook page (talk about creepy!) Oh course, your husband is way cuter!!!

    Also, I love the *cough*

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  3. This is fantastic. Favorite line: We hope Green Bay wins, but if they run out of luck, It’s OK-just remember that the Bears still suck.

    And I have a feeling Aaron would love this.

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