Enjoying Life on a Budget…or…Hooray for Booze!

Living on a budget stinks. No two ways about it. It stinks. We have been doing this for….well, almost forever…. Every now and then my husband and I go over everything. We try to make a plan that is realistic. We try to convince ourselves that it doesn’t stink. But it still does.

We try to see it from a positive side-what we cut back on now will open up possibilities for us down the road, we’re being responsible, blah blah blah.

What we really feel like, though, is this:




Maybe we’re alone in this, but a lot of the time it just feels like we are in a constant state of denial.

‘No’ we can’t eat out…

‘No’ we can’t really afford to do X, Y, or Z…

‘No’ we can’t buy ____ for ourselves or the kids…


See what I mean? No fun.

There is one thing that we do let ourselves have-not without limits, of course, I mean-we are on a budget…(and we have kids).  That one thing is booze.


Booze!!! Hooray for booze!!!


When you don’t get to go out (ever), when you don’t get to order food just because you don’t feel like cooking, when you are trapped-I mean- fortunate enough-to be at home with three young children, a glass of wine at the end of the day is like salvation.

It can become your goal. You think “Only a few more hours and then they’ll all be in bed, they’ll be quiet, and I can sit down at the computer by myself with a glass of wine and ignore my husband while I catch up on Facebook.” Now, that, is motivation.

That being said, I would like to share my motivation with you! Here are some of my favorite budget wines! Just so you know, I am a big fan of the box o’ wine-good deals to be had there. Plus they supposedly last for weeks! I don’t know personally because mine always seem to, um,…evaporate…*cough*  Hey! Look over there!!





A big thanks to Mark and everyone else over at Nutmeg Liquors for giving me some great suggestions and letting me walk around taking pictures and mumble to myself! Swing by the store if you are ever in Western CT!

I have included a printable version of my Guide if you want to carry it around as a reference…may I suggest laminating it for prolonged usage and protection from the inevitable spilled wine.

If you get the chance, respond and share your favorite budget booze! (I’m sure there will be a follow up with beer and other stuff at some point-share whatever you want now!)

Mary’s Guide to Budget Wines


5 thoughts on “Enjoying Life on a Budget…or…Hooray for Booze!

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  2. The Frontera/Concha y Toro wines are what Sam and I regularly consider to be our “house wine” If we want something fancier, fine, but most of the time Frontera cannot be beat for the price of a 1.5, and lets me honest…with the 1.5, I feel better about myself only drinking 1/2 a bottle of wine in an evening, than somehow drinking an entire bottle.

  3. This was GREAT!!! It is hard to stay on a budget, we struggle with it all the time, but like you the wine is always there!! I also love the Barefoot line of wines. I love the sweets, so the Moscato (white, pink and red), the Riesling and the Sweet Red are all my faves!!! Thanks for sharing with me!

    • So glad you liked it! I haven’t had a Barefoot wine in a while (one bad experience w/ a bottle that had turned years ago….ughhhhhhh)-but I’ll have to check it out again! I usually go for the wines that aren’t too sweet, but a really cold Riesling can be awesome!

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