The Season of Giving

Children will change your understanding of many things. They look at the world differently and can give you a deeper meaning to ideas, feelings, all sorts of stuff. One thing my children have changed for me is the idea of giving. I love Christmas, birthdays, really any excuse to give a little something to others-and I love getting presents, too. I used to love hearing the words “I have something for you!”

Well, not anymore.

Now if someone ‘has’ something for me it’s usually a giant booger perched on an outstretched finger.

Or it’s an empty container of something.

Or it’s poop.


I am now suspicious of ‘presents’. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they have just wonderful drawings for me, or projects from school-and those are great.

But most of the time it’s a giant booger.

So now, as we enter flu season we also enter a slightly different Season of Giving. Hopefully, we’ll soon enter the Season of Jewelry. (HAHAHA!!! Just kidding!! Still on a budget over here!! …*sigh*…someday…)

Have a great day!

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