The Learning Curve

Things may be different at your house, but around here new skills are learned in roughly the same pattern every time. It’s a lot of fun….

Stage One:

Child is trying to do something on their own, like put on pants, or shoes. This is a new thing for them. 2.8 seconds after they start trying said new skill they begin to whine in a high pitched voice that gets increasingly higher, and culminates with


Now, you know this is a new thing for them, and it’s hard to put pants on sometimes, and you are proud of their initiative to do something on their own, so you calmly respond:

“It’s OK, it’s OK. Here (squatting down) let’s do it together. I bet if we work as a team we can fix this problem.”

Pants go on, high fives are given all around, small child skips away happy, and in pants.

Stage Two:

We do this scenario a bunch of times, with the adult giving less and less help each time. Everyone is proud and happy with this new wonderful ability.

The child is eager to prove that they can do it “ALL BY THEMSELVES!!” initially, and they launch themselves into genuinely trying to fit their whole bodies into a single pant leg. Hilarity ensues!

Stage Three:

The laughter stops. They get pissed that they can’t actually fit their whole bodies into one pant leg, or that it doesn’t feel good to have shoes on the wrong feet. It’s around this point where they realize that by learning this new (now suspect) skill, that this is one less thing that we do for them.

It dawns on them that maybe…just maybe… this “Big Kid” stuff isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

And then we return full circle to the beginning. After realizing that we now have the chance to take TWO sips of coffee uninterrupted they spontaneously lose all knowledge of previous skill set and DESPERATELY need our help.                                
Once again the cries of “I CAN’T DOOOOOO IIIIIIIITTTT!!!!” fill the house.


Maybe it’s different in your house, but around here that’s the way we roll.

All over the floor having a massive tantrum.

Without any pants.

(And that’s where my short-lived decision to take a night off from wine goes flying out the window, ‘cause that’s how I roll…)

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