Like sand through the hourglass…or “What you know about rockin’ a wolf on your noggin?”

Have you ever had one of those moments where all of a sudden the truth is so glaringly obvious that no matter how shocking or unsettling it is, you have to acknowledge it? I had one of those moments yesterday.

Yesterday I finally admitted and recognized that I am entering a new demographic block.

Obviously I do not have the ability to stop time (but how cool would that be?), so I have known that this was coming, but I was trying to pretend it wasn’t – that I was just be-bopping along and even though time was passing, I wasn’t really changing.

I’ve been selling myself this little “I’m still the same” story for close on a decade now…

So this is what happened:

I had a doctor’s appointment first thing, and since it’s an hour away (long story) I try not to drag the kids with me if my husband can stay home. I go, do my thing, and am leaving town when at a red light a big group of young men cross in front of me.

Key Point #1: the doctor’s office is on the campus of a University.

I see this group in front of me, obviously coming from some practice as they have their gear bags and the same pants and Adidas flip flops on. One has a sweatshirt that leads me to believe that this is part of the rugby team for the school.

Key Point #2: My husband used to play rugby. Daniel Craig used to play rugby. This guy used to play rugby. I have a thing for rugby guys it seems.

So in the 3 seconds it takes for me to process this, these are the thoughts that go through my head:

Red light….

People crossing.

Oooh, a Rugby team.

(see tall guy) Oh, he’s cute.

Oh my god. He’s in college. He’s probably 18 years old.

Holy shit.

I’m probably close to twice his age….


I then see myself as others do at this point: a 34 year old mother sitting in her minivan, car seats and strollers filling the whole damn thing, blasting Macklemore’s Thrift Shop.

You can’t un-see something like that. I could get into a whole philosophical discussion on the wisdom that comes from age, the advantages of a different more mature perspective, how 34 isn’t really old, but honestly the only thing now that’s making me feel better is that I know that I can buy booze legally.

Cheers! Here’s to be-bopping along!

If you haven’t heard  Thrift Shop you should – it’s awesome: (NSFW) (Mom, that means Not Safe For Work-it has swears in it)

Here’s a clean version:

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