Hi! My name is Mary.  Welcome to my attempt to harness the Interwebs and all their glory to connect with the outside world!

I am a stay at home mom with three kids ages 6 and younger.  I love to bake bread. I am passionate about the environment. I believe in voicing your opinion about politics and the government.  I love reading romance novels-especially ones based in Regency era England.  I am tired of living on a budget.  I am trying my hardest to raise my children to be kind, speak their mind, and be happy.  Well, most days I try really hard, but honestly, there are days when I can only give the bare minimum.  I have a great husband and we are fortunate enough that we don’t have to worry about food, shelter, or health care. I recognize that we are very lucky and I appreciate all we have.

I also recognize that if I don’t start having regular contact with Grown Ups as well as some sort of outlet I will lose my mind.

So, here I am! This is just about me and my life. I feel better already.


Oh, and I don’t look nearly as good as this picture in real life – this piece of magic was created by photographer extraordinaire Lora Warnick!!    {www.lorawarnick.com}

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